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D-box Technology


"F3J Hybrid-Contest" F3J Competition - 576.00

    Glider or Electro versions, Cross or V-Tail options


  • Wingspan: 3140 mm
  • Length: 1480 mm
  • Wing airfoil: MH32
  • Stab airfoil: NACA 63 A009
  • Kit Weight: 1170 g
  • Control: Elevator, Rudder, Flaps, Ailerons
Available options
Electro nose Diameter: 45 mm, fit up to 18 GP3300 cells or 22 2/3 SC cells
Wings type  
Carbon central panel Carbon Herex sandwich central panel
Glass central panel Glass Herex sandwich central panel
Raised wings tips Raised wings tips (second V-form)
Soprano's wings tips Light wings tips (carbon tube spare) - foto
Tail type  
Cross tail Cross d-box all-moving tail
V-Tail V-tail d-box.
V-Tail (Electro) V-tail d-box with place for servo installation.
Oracover lite, transparent Yellow, red, blue and violet


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Version of fuselage with a cross-tail.

Motor recommendation

1. GLASS 25g/m
2. CARBON 93g/m
3. HEREX 70,75
4. GLASS 120g/m or CARBON 93g/m
5. EPOXY with microballon and bauwoll
6. Spar
7. Band of KEVLAR-CARBON 63g/m

Electro version

This sailplane is called the Hybrid due to the combination of several construction techniques to make this sailplane into the remarkable performer it seems to be.
The leading edge of both the wings and V-tails are fully molded hollow core with a blended Carbon fiber and Kevlar cloth.
This D-tube is finished with a triple reinforced full length and depth spar for maximum strength.
The epoxy glass, CF, and Kevlar fuselage of the Hybrid is a wonderfully crafted, streamlined beauty that sports a pylon mount for lowered drag and a nosecone for ease of entry and strength.
The fuselage is prepainted and comes drilled and fitted for the 3-piece wing.

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