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"Hyper 2.0" HLG Competition - 440.00

  • Wingspan: 2000 mm
  • Wing airfoil: AG04-AG08
  • Kit Weight: 290 g!!!
  • Motor (Brushless or Speed 400 geared)
  • Battery 7-8 cell Nicad/NiMhd or 3 cell Li-Poly
  • Control: Motor, Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons , Flap (5 servos)
The Hyper 2.0EF his is the perfect vehicle for speed 400 F5J or F5J-7C competitions.
With the proper motor system the Hyper 2.0EF will climb rapidly to thermal height.
The high aspect ratio, clean, and well designed airframe/planform and the excellent choice of airfoils will reselect in a high l/d, low sinkrate, wide speed range.
This sailplane is perfectly balanced in design for thermal flying, because the wing will produce lift and low speeds and the shape and dihedral of this wing is ideally suited for thermal turns.
A light, strong wing with a molded Carbon fiber leading edge and a blend of carefully machined ribs reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar, the Hyper 2.0FE achieves strength and torsional rigidity reserved only for fully molded wings at literally half the weight.



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