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"BURAN" NEW F3J Competition - €599.00

Wingspan: 334 cm
Length: 143 cm
Wing profile: SD7037
Stab profile: NACA009
Kit Weight: 1260g
R/C Functions:
Flaps and Ailerons
Crow Braking
Buran. F3J Competition
Electro nose diameter: 38 mm, fit up to 12 sub-c cells or 18 2/3 SC cells

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F3J / F5J

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Buran Full carbon molded F3J glider, electro (F5J) available 599.00€ A partir de fin Avril end of April

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We present our new development - a glider the Buran. Buran we have embodied last achievements of a science in a glider in the field of aerodynamics and materiology.

We managed to create a light vehicle, with really outstanding characteristics, and it at our, traditionally high quality of manufacturing.

The Buran is a hi-tech glider made of the newest materials, allowing to reach(achieve) economy of weight almost on 400 grammes, in comparison with other models of gliders.

Fuselage is made of extralight fabric Kevlar, strengthened with a carbon fabric, has a removable nose, and an internal boot of a nose.

The wing is made of glass fibre plastics with heavy-duty carbon spar. The wing consists of 3 separate parts collected on heavy-duty coal docking units of special geometry, that in a combination to the removable V-tail stabilizer, allows to transport model easily.

For those who loves extreme flights, we make under the special order reinforced wings with addition carbon in a wing and the facilitated paint coating.

You have choice of molded V-Form tail or d-box cross all-moving one.

The stabilizer fits by a "Oracover" film, that provides exclusive strength, and is developed for start in conditions of competitions лебедкой or towage by two people. This model - the culmination of many years of technological development, проeктирования and experience in this kind of activity.

The profile of wing SD7037 of a wing gives model extremely a broad band of speed and excellent soaring characteristics.

The model can be used in F-3-J, and F-3-B gliders.

You also may order this model in electroversion and use it as an electroglider.

Nose of fuselage of Buran

1. GLASS 25g/m
2. CARBON 93g/m
3. HEREX 70,75
4. CARBON 93g/m
5. EPOXY with microballon and bauwoll
6. Spar
7. Band of KEVLAR-CARBON 63g/m

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