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This model is 80% ready to go.
The wings are all made in high pressure molds to get a “true” airfoil. The wings are a white foam core covered with black poplar veneer. The leading and trailing edge are all done for you. All the wire holes and servo mount holes are done. All that you need to do to finish the wings is to cover them with Monocote or paint them. All the tail pieces are shaped and hinged. The fuselage is made out of fiber glass, perfectly finished and painted in the mold.  This model has a slip off cone nose and you can get an electric versions of it as well.

Wingspan — 1.5m (59.05in)
Length — 875mm (34.45in)
Weight — 370g (13oz) without radio
Airfoil — SD6063
Reg. Price —



This is a 2-4 channel, aileron HLG model also suitable for slope and thermal flying.

Wing span: 1500mm
Length: 875mm
Weight: 370g
Wing profile: choice of HN1033 or S6063. Please specify when ordering.

HN1033 is more suitable for thermal flying while S6063 will penetrate better.

Model can be converted to electric using 400 to 480 type motors. Electric version nose is provided in the kit.

The tail can be ordered as a V-tail or classical or
for €30.00 extra you can have both.

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